Long Term Rentals in Crete

Are you looking to rent a house in Crete, in Chania or Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi? Are you considering staying two/three months or longer in Crete rental property? Is Crete property for rent what you're looking for? The property in Crete is offering long term rental property in Crete, as there is now a growing interest in people wanting to experience the unique Cretan way of life before committing to purchasing a property on the island. Property in Crete offers a variety of Crete long term rental to suit every budget.

As some peoples needs for long term rentals varies, with awaiting their house building or renovation completion, to people who just like to spend some months on the island, we present and can locate for our customers properties for long term rental that will suit there needs. We start by finding you properties which suit your needs, and then take you to those you're really interested in seeing. Then when you've chosen your future home, we'll produce your rental contract in English and Greek.

The professional team at Property in Crete will endeavor to make your experience of renting a property in Crete a hassle free one. We want to make sure our customers are happy living in their long-term rental accommodation. Occasionally a problem may arise between tenants and owners regarding rent and property maintenance, so we at Property in Crete will act as the ‘middle man’ representing our customer’s interests and dealing directly with the owner on your behalf.

We take the business of long term rental property in Crete very seriously and value and respect all our customers. We want to help you avoid any hassle or worry associated renting a property on the island of Crete, by being a reliable and trustworthy provider of long-term rentals services. For this reason we provide houses, semi-detached houses and apartments in different areas of West Crete and Agios Nikolaos on East Crete. We appreciate that everyone has different requirements and so we will always treat you as an individual and take time to listen to, and understand, your particular needs. We will strive to do our best to make sure you receive the highest level of prompt service and customer care.

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Please see all Apartments for long term rent in Agios Nikolaos / Lassithi - East Crete



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