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South Crete property gives an outstanding chance to enjoy the natural attractions of the island. We offer Crete property for sale in the southern part of the prefecture of Rethymno. The area of Plakias with its coastal hills and the Libyan Sea to the south is among the most beautiful properties in Crete.

Situated on the southern coast of Rethymno, Plakias is an exquisite location and with its scenic little port and wonderful surrounding villages present a splendid opportunity to buy land. Houses and villas for sale in the area offer the chance to get settled and relax in a natural environment that coincides outstanding gorges, unique beaches and the quality of Crete homes.

The endless sunlight of the island provides the useful solar energy, which is used by solar panel collectors to generate electricity and provide you with the renewable heating energy needed to enjoy a bungalow or two-storey house. Crete properties equipped with renewable energy sources combine perfectly the delights of traditional cretan lifestyle with the advantages of tomorrow’s eco-living.

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