Property for sale in Crete, Chania, Rethymno

For those looking for property for sale in Crete, we offer multiple solutions in the areas of Chania, Rethymno. Cretan properties are a worthy investment in an island that can provide you with wonderful beaches, lots of sun and smiley every day people.

Crete properties are available in both the northern and southern part of West Crete. Houses and apartments for sale in Chania, close to or within Chania, combine the beauties of the island together with the cretan architecture of the city and the natural construction materials like brick, stone, wood, ceramic tiles and more.

Properties in Crete for sale can be met in and around the cities of Chania and Rethymno. Houses detached and semi-detached are built along west of Chania in the areas of Apokoronas, Akrotiri, Agia Marina, Platanias, Maleme, Tavronitis, Kolymbari and Castelli.

Crete property for sale in Rethymno and Plakias, its famous south coast, is offered in a variety of locations and architectural style, new or resales and building plots. Houses and apartments for sale in Rethymno and Plakias in locations with excellent views to the sea or rural areas.

Enjoy the advantages of eco-living in a bungalow or two-storey house with renewable energy sources. Exploit the endless solar energy in homes where solar panel collectors ensure that you get the renewable heating energy you need in the most economic way.

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